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How many brains do you need to deliver the world's best present?

Hint number one:
You are Quidget,  wiener dog slash genius inventor slash science ninja.

Hint number two:
You and your assistant Beatrize just build a Lightning Oven.

Hint number three:
You have the feeling that setting up this Secret Brain Chamber was an extraordinarily good idea...

Have fun playing
and let us know how you would have answered the question!


This game was an entry to the Indie Game Maker Contest 2017.
Thanks, Degica and itch.io, it was a crazy fun time!


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Quidget_the_Wonderwiener.zip 70 MB
Quidget_the_Wonderwiener_Linux.zip 75 MB
Quidget_the_Wonderwiener_MacOS.zip 71 MB

Development log


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This is a really polished demo!  Good job on making it.  I tried checking out your Patreon page at http://www.patreon.com/peninjarpg , but it's not there.  :)  This game has potential.


When I start the game a nice black window appear with a nice message telling me that there's an error and that's all I can see of the game :(

Hey d0k0, sorry to hear that! We'll look into it.
What system and OS are you on?

This Game was a blast. I look forward to Peninja

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Hey zeoplaysthings! Glad you enjoyed it Loved your editing 

thanks dezue


The comedy never stops in this game! I love the art style and, appreciate that even though Quidget is a genius i'm not so I thank you that the puzzles are very easy!
Will we see more of Quidget? time will tell!

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Thanks a lot for playing, Raithias, glad you enjoyed it! The puzzles were among the hardest anyone could ever come up with, so how come they seemed easy to you? ... Maybe you ARE a genius after all! ;)
We're currently preparing Quidget v.1.1 in our Lightning Computers which will have more genius puzzles, secrets AND added sexyness! 

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Several systems are case sensitive, so errors appear about this. Could you correct them please, thank you very much for your time, a great game!

i use linux .... Deepin 15.5

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Heyho pancram!
Thank you for playing and for reporting the bug! 
Sadly, we won't be able to fix this error due to the contest rules this month (we're not allowed to upload newer versions as this would skew the competition). After this, one of the first things on our list!
Maybe this hot fix can help you play (quoting user DrkSky from below in the comments) :
"so ninja_0X.png files are being called improperly and throwing a load error.
So is the  LetterSound_Neutral.ogg. 
GNU/*nix players can manually rename the files changing the case as required, untill a fix is released. A quick enough rename."
Stay funky!


You really did an amazing game! The art, the theme, the story, the music... everything fits perfectly! Great work, Deuze!

Hey kinokoio, thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it! 


Hi. I recently wanted to play it again, this time on Linux. However, I found this error. It doesn't make the game unplayable, but it keeps popping up every 2 seconds.


I love when developers do side projects like this, because they always seem to turn out really well. The art was really nice, the story was funny, and the music was sciencetastic. And the main character was a wiener of science, which is always a bonus. Good job on this and good luck with your other works. Definitely interested in more.

It may be smol, but I doubt I could do such a rad game justice. Still, I wanted to try! For SCIENCE!

Hey Skydjinn! Thanks for playing, you were a wonderful Wonderwiener! Glad you liked the game!

I enjoyed watching you punch the Electric Igor.  FOR  SCIENCE!!!

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Thank You for creating this cute fun adventure.

BUG - You should note that under GNU/Linux, file names are CASE Sensitive,

so ninja_0X.png files are being called improperly and throwing a load error.

So is the  LetterSound_Neutral.ogg.

GNU/*nix players can manually rename the files changing the case as required, untill a fix is released. A quick enough rename.

Hey DrkSky, glad you liked it! 

Thank you for finding the bug and also the instant workaround! 
We'll upload the fixed version as soon as possible (we need to wait a bit until the contest judging period is over).


This game was awesome and made me interested in becoming  a science ninja just like Quidget! Can't wait to play the more of your stuff! 

Thanks a ton, we really enjoyed your playthrough! 
Just send your application to dezfunky@teamtailnut.com (I had to help out with the applications, because obviously Science Ninja is one of the TOP rated careers in our world right now, honestly!)

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Had so much fun playing this game!!! Really hope you do more as I would love to play more adventures with Quidget The Wonderwiener!! :D

 Hope you enjoy my game play of it :) 

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Haha awesome gameplay! I had a really fun time watching you play!  Well done on the puzzles!
Thanks man! You have our subscription!


loved your game very funny thanks here is my playthrough 

Haha, awesome! Glad you had fun!

Thanks for playing, really enjoyed your commentary!  


your sense of humor is right up my street :D


Don't mean to be a total Di** because this game WAS in fact really fun and hilarious...!!!

But why is it that games always make the woman's boobs bigger than their body...? never got that...

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Hey DankLord, thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed your adventure with Quidget! 

As for your question: One reason certainly is that it just went well with Beatrize's character, especially on her ingame character sprite  (and I kinda wanted the busts to match that style).
That said, Peninja - The Funky Sexy Love Ninja RPG (the game we're currently developing and that Quidget is a spinoff of) will feature all kinds of women and men with different body types (because, well... I enjoy drawing different things ;) ).

Hope I could answer your question somehow! 


If you drew those people, good job its really good, like VERY good. I like the style you used, dark colors mixing with light and focal points (like a dark/light red) common in areas. Really nice.

So she has big jugs because you like drawing... big jugs... Fun! LOL


Thanks :) Good eye for the style!

Gotta love drawing curvy curves! 

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The password was hilarious xD. great game so far

Haha, thank you!  Glad you're enjoying it!


I really enjoyed the game. The humor is fantastic and I love the crazy items and dialogues. And of course the artstyle and music.

Can't wait for Peninja :D


Thank you very much!   
Peninja sends his regards :)


I still can't find the secret lair password!

oh shit i think i got it

Well done! Glad you found it, now grab that brain!


Funny game!!
good password btw (说 汀掳 蜏蕱 汀掳说)

Thank you!
Quidget knows how to protect his data  


Can I marry Beatrize? Pls <3

Beatrize is married to science, of course!

But we may have a little surprise in store  for you ;) I'll get back to you when it's ready!

Ooh.. Oh by the way, I loved your game, you have my vote! :3

Thank you very much! We're glad you liked it! 


This wiener dog is hilarious!
I need to work on my own nitro brains now - Kyah ha ha ha ha!

Nitro Brains for the win!