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I didnt know this was an 18+ game right so I start playin the video game and the further I go the less I wanna play the video game 

but its a pretty good video game 


Can't wait for all the dishes to be served! this was a fun game that can make anyone laugh when it's needed! 

The art is as special as in the Quidget games, I've already played <3
I love the humor of Pigglet! The funky music gives the game a really cool drive.
Hope there will be more dishes coming soon x)


I was blown away by the really fun and bold look of this! It initially looked a little Saturday morning cartoon but it quickly apparent it's more Adult Swim, which is awesome! It's also really encouraging to see this seems to be your full-time thing with a healthy Patreon and everything, it means indie devs really can make their passion their primary income. Someday I'll catch you up! ;P