A downloadable Batto Udon for Windows

You're our 1.000.000th visitor!

Are you brave enough to enter the 'Mrs. Big Bad Werewolf' and claim your free meal?

Bon appétit!

This game version was made for the IGMC2018 game jam in under a month. Woohoo! :)
The first meal on the menu quest is yours to play!
Please expect bugs in this kitchen! Also, thank your for reporting them :)
Use WASD to walk around, E to interact with stuff.
A newer version will soon be available at patreon.com/peninja!

Have fun playing and stay funky,
your Team Tailnut devs Dezue & OniGiri


Pigglet in Mrs Big Bad Werewolf - IGMC2018.zip 34 MB

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I didnt know this was an 18+ game right so I start playin the video game and the further I go the less I wanna play the video game 

but its a pretty good video game 


Can't wait for all the dishes to be served! this was a fun game that can make anyone laugh when it's needed! 

The art is as special as in the Quidget games, I've already played <3
I love the humor of Pigglet! The funky music gives the game a really cool drive.
Hope there will be more dishes coming soon x)


I was blown away by the really fun and bold look of this! It initially looked a little Saturday morning cartoon but it quickly apparent it's more Adult Swim, which is awesome! It's also really encouraging to see this seems to be your full-time thing with a healthy Patreon and everything, it means indie devs really can make their passion their primary income. Someday I'll catch you up! ;P