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I would give only if I had money, one of my fav games out there.


fuck this game i don´t get wtf does count the ladys me this is to fucking hard

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You count the dragons on the left and right sides, move the levers to the correct count of  of the number hint given to you on Copper's board. It's not that hard. If you can't figure it out, perhaps you're a bit young to be playing a game like this


do you know how to find the valve

It's the bicycle wheel!


like what do you mean count the ladys


im so lost what to do with the levers






the black monke part

hey, i need help on the right wing and tail.

to put on the right wing go to the left side of Rosa. The tail - go behind Rosa ;)

trying to lower the volume and when i want to go back, it says: "Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Windows': Access is denied for this document"


How do i make Rosa a Wyvern?

LIke how do i do the wing and tail part?


help need an answer key for the lever puzzle (yes i read the count the wyverns thingy)


Haha, this Lewd game is charming ^^


im dying in abbathroo

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Heyho, mingo man!
Try counting the dragons on the side of the levers ;)
Thanks for playing and have fun!
Stay funky,


good game i like all the naughty scenes in it and i would give 4.7/5 stars

Heyho, zane66095!
Woohoo, thanks man! Glad you enjoyed the game! :)
Thanks for playing and stay funky,

thanks does the patreon membership cost money?

You can see all available pledge tiers on the top of our Patreon site:
Take care and stay funky,

d-did rosa say cuz? a-as in cousin?


Am i just supposed to know what that means?

No worries, I just wanted to make a shocked face because they're related ;)
And yes, she said cuz XD
Thanks for playing,man, and stay funky (or Funkyy hehe),


thanks, I was just making a joke btw. I know what that means...(i think)

Oh well, by taking a wild guess, I'd say they're from alabama.

Hahaha ;)


I can't seem to get past the levers


Try to count the ladies next to the levers ;)
Have fun and stay funky,

can i download this ?

Heyho! Thanks for playing!
Downloadable (SExtended) versions are a bonus for our Patrons ;)

Stay funky,

ok thanks


Why can't I say I didn't enjoy it at the end? What is this illusion of choice bullshit?


Everything is just an illusion inside an illusion...


That was really funny and naughty! I love a lewd kind of game that doesn't take itself too seriously!

I really enjoyed this as well as you guys' great graphic style! The character designs are awesome and I love the little Pigglet's face in all the scenes he's in, he's so happy, haha!

I really hope to see more from you guys soon and I hope my comment made you smile! Have a great day!


Heyho, Alaura!
Thanks a ton, very glad you enjoyed the game :) And yes, your comment made us smile! 

If you'd like to play more Pigglet adventures - we currently have 'Pigglet in Mrs. Big Bad Werewolf' in the making :)
We'll release it this weekend here on itch, and if you'd like to play it earlier, this here is the place:

Let us know how you like it and stay funky,


In my opinion a sweet and naughty game with a great graphic style!


Hey Lambrik! Thanks a ton <3
Sweet and naughty is the perfect combination


This was  a cute game! I liked the character designs and dialogue haha good luck with the rest of your projects!


Hey Count Moxi!
Thanks a ton! Glad you enjoyed your adventures in Mrs. BBW  :)
Stay funky,