This is what you get for being cheeky in front of a big Wyvern webcam lady! Power up the Pleasure Amplifier and help your friends out of Mrs. Big Bad Wyvern!

The ❤️ SEXtended Edition ❤️ can be found at Team Tailnut's Patreon!

  • Use WASD to walk, E to interact and Q to access the menu.
  • In case you get stuck, use some lube :P
  • If you find something you don't like (or do like), let us know!

We recommend you play the game in a browser other than Chrome (due to sound issues).
Have fun playing! :) Stay funky,
Dezue & OniGiri

Development log


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i still don't understand the levers

Heyho, mingo man!
Try counting the dragons on the side of the levers ;)
Thanks for playing and have fun!
Stay funky,


good game i like all the naughty scenes in it and i would give 4.7/5 stars

Heyho, zane66095!
Woohoo, thanks man! Glad you enjoyed the game! :)
Thanks for playing and stay funky,

thanks does the patreon membership cost money?

You can see all available pledge tiers on the top of our Patreon site:
Take care and stay funky,

d-did rosa say cuz? a-as in cousin?


Am i just supposed to know what that means?

No worries, I just wanted to make a shocked face because they're related ;)
And yes, she said cuz XD
Thanks for playing,man, and stay funky (or Funkyy hehe),


thanks, I was just making a joke btw. I know what that means...(i think)

Oh well, by taking a wild guess, I'd say they're from alabama.

Hahaha ;)


I can't seem to get past the levers


Try to count the ladies next to the levers ;)
Have fun and stay funky,

can i download this ?

Heyho! Thanks for playing!
Downloadable (SExtended) versions are a bonus for our Patrons ;)

Stay funky,

ok thanks


Why can't I say I didn't enjoy it at the end? What is this illusion of choice bullshit?


Everything is just an illusion inside an illusion...


That was really funny and naughty! I love a lewd kind of game that doesn't take itself too seriously!

I really enjoyed this as well as you guys' great graphic style! The character designs are awesome and I love the little Pigglet's face in all the scenes he's in, he's so happy, haha!

I really hope to see more from you guys soon and I hope my comment made you smile! Have a great day!


Heyho, Alaura!
Thanks a ton, very glad you enjoyed the game :) And yes, your comment made us smile! 

If you'd like to play more Pigglet adventures - we currently have 'Pigglet in Mrs. Big Bad Werewolf' in the making :)
We'll release it this weekend here on itch, and if you'd like to play it earlier, this here is the place:

Let us know how you like it and stay funky,


In my opinion a sweet and naughty game with a great graphic style!


Hey Lambrik! Thanks a ton <3
Sweet and naughty is the perfect combination


This was  a cute game! I liked the character designs and dialogue haha good luck with the rest of your projects!


Hey Count Moxi!
Thanks a ton! Glad you enjoyed your adventures in Mrs. BBW  :)
Stay funky,