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Gosh I love your games! And the art is just so sexy and funky!

I love you, man! <3

So, um, how is this horror?


Wha...? Didn't you see all the monsters and the spooky forest? O_O
I almost got a heart attack just painting it! ;)
Stay funky,

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I do not know how to think of a proper response to that. Here is this place holder instead. Nice job on the game though! :D

XD Thanks for the compliment AND the placeholder pun! ;)


I really like the art style. The music and sound effects are really nice too. You may also want to put a download link on the page as web players tend to be a pain and sometimes don't work at all.

Heyho, my man!
Dude, it was a blast to watch you play :) Thanks for that and glad you had fun with the game!
Also. good tip with the downlaod link, I'll add it at once
Have a sexy day and stay funky,