Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Tags2D, Erotic, Escape Game, Funny, Game Boy, Hand-drawn, Retro, Singleplayer


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this is the first one ive played that i actually needed to write out some notes for, and, wow, that was actually quite satisfying. i was kinda unsure if the oneyed bats clue was supposed to be the, well, one, or if it was supposed to be 8/4, that felt a little unclear at first. 

also, i am embarassed to admit how long it took me to figure out what the super chess clue was.


Heyho, Immaregretthis!
Haha thanks for playing, man! Glad you enjoyed the game!
Don't worry about taking longer for certain puzzles - it happens to me too :D Plus, the chess puzzle is a classic red herring.

Have you tried out the other episodes, too?
Have fun and stay funky,


Out of the 3, this one I needed to use the guide. I wouldn't have figured out the MATES clue.

The Magic Card is especially obscure. How was I supposed to know to divide the numbers? Also, it's a one-eyed Bat, so the answer could have been 1...

Most of the other clues were fine. The "horror level" required far more maths than usual but I like maths so that's okay =)

Heyho, shadree!
Thanks for playing, my man!
I agree with this being the hardest adventure yet - I think the next one will be more relaxed again ;)
As for the card: In the power/toughness field between the two values, it would usually look like this:  8/4 ,  but on this special card the sign is this one: 8÷4 . I could maybe make the ÷ a bit more easy to see, though.

XD And I like maths as well haha :)
Take care, shadree, and stay funky,