Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(76 total ratings)
AuthorsTeamTailnut, TinyHat-Studios
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Tags2D, Erotic, Escape Game, Funny, Game Boy, Hand-drawn, Point & Click, Retro


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If you want me to voice act anything I can kinda do a girl voice :)


Tailnut could you please add mobile support?



thanks for the instant spoil


Isint this the grumpy cat music lol

Can anyone just give me the code im to lazy to figure it out. :)




Heyho, Badboi2021!
Hahaha nice! Professional up-lewding!
I'll message you when I've forgetten one of my passwords haha
Take care and stay funky,

so its the password to your computer?


first combination of code I try at random and it worked (sad)

Hey, wanna join our lottery tip community? :D
Make sure to check out the other episodes, too!
Thanks for playing and stay funky,




these games are really really cute and fun to play! thank you for making them! However I do have a question!
would your team happen to be interested or planning on anything to make for the ladies in the crowd?? Either lesbian or anything else of the sort?
I'd hate to sound rude, there's just so much you guys put into your stuff and I'd love to someday see something for the more feminine demographic, pfft! we can sure have fun lewd gaming too hehehe! Again, not to sound rude or anything, of course!


Heyho, ALAURA!
Thanks for playing! We're really glad you enjoy our games! :)
If you like games that feature female protagonists, you could try out our mini-game Eat or Fight ( if you haven't already. Make sure to tell me how you like it!
I'm currently developing another game with a female protagonist for my Funky Sexy Arcade, so let's see how this will go :D It's definitely cool to hear that there's demand for lewd games made for women!

Take care and stay funky,

oh my gosh I don't even know how I didn't see this!! thank you so much, this is definitely enough to tide me over for now, hahaha!!
and best of luck with your other game!! I appreciate your reply so much! have an absolutely wonderful day!


The game is very laggy on chrome but it runs fine in firefox

Just letting you know


Heyho, lolarimax!
Thanks for the info!
Man, Chrome is always icky with the WegGL performance... Firefox is boss, though :D
Take care and stay funky,

*Ehem* I can play it in chrome thank you very much!

Thanks for playing and stay funky :)


Whenever I click run game the button goes away and nothing happens???

Heyho, PoppinBoba!
Hmm, a strange one, sorry for that!
Maybe try refreshing the page (Ctrl + F5) or using another browser?
Good luck, take care and stay funky!


Couldn't figure it out at first. The reason why is because on the guide it said that the first was smaller than the second but you used < the greater than symbol, which is used if the A is greater than B (A<B) when it should have been A>B. Besides that (plus that note actually being in the cabinet) it was a nice short game.  

Heyho, bowofkaos!
Thanks for playing, and glad you enjoyed it!
You got me worried for a minute there :D Everything works out, though - the sign that's in the game (A<B) means:
A is smaller than B, or (like in the guide) B is bigger than A.
Like, the mouth of the < always opens towards the bigger number, so to speak.
Take care and stay funky,

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Right, sorry i was taught this in french so i messed up the translation. Doesn't help that its been close to 8-10 years since I've see the symbols. On the guide the 3rd and the 4th clues are switched but yeah I messed up the on the symbols.  

Don't worry about it ;)
Also, thanks for reporting the 'bug' in the guide, I fixed it!
Take care and stay funky,


That's incorrect, unless if you're Japanese or something who reads from right to left, you would read from left to right in English so "<" means "smaller than" and ">" means "greater than" so "2<8" reads as "2 is smaller than 8" which is correct.

Heyho, RedEyeRocker!
Right on the point! :)
Take care and stay funky,


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)