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why do these games feel like a joi? ;)


Heyho, JameGames!
XD They kinda do, do they? :D
I hope they were able to bring you 'joy' ;)
Take care and stay funky,

wheres number 5


Heyho, Dasjester!
Number 5 is Patreon-SEXclusive right now, but it will be playable for everybody in the soon-to-be-released Steam version!
Take care and stay funky,


the game looks good but locking the rewards behind a paywall is really shitty marketing, idk who is gonna patreon a person that takes months do this small games and huge majority is all incomplete that u literaly dont even care to finish.


Heyho, Exirock!
Thanks for playing! Maybe you gave up too soon, since all of the  public Lockdown Lewd UP! episodes have all of their content available for everybody ;)
Take care and stay funky,