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hello excuse me could have an apk for android?


Fun little game:) I love it.

:) Thanks, Joszo! Glad you enjoyed the feast ;)
Stay funky,

Have you shared the graphics from this game somewhere?

(+1)  ;) 




This Made Me Get Happy In A Lot Of Ways.

XD Glad you enjoyed the game, my man!
I guess a Sandwich Monster Girl would be the icing on the cake for you - maybe if we make a sequel ;)

Have a good day and stay funky,


Why can't I just BUY the Sextended edition?

Heyho, Mimicry!
The ❤️SEXtended Editions❤️ are our way of saying 'Thank you' for all the generous support we're lucky to recieve from our Patrons, and will always remain sexclusive to them.

Thank you for playing and stay funky!